Roddy Barnes

Singer-songwriter and composer; blues, jazz, gospel, & boogie-woogie piano

Composer, singer-songwriter, and performer

Roddy Barnes is an experienced and innovative composer whose music and lyrics are featured on television, stage, and recordings by various artists.   His compositions range from deeply moving insights to smart-%## humor.  Roddy is currently based in Richmond, Virginia; he teaches a popular course in songwriting for Davis & Elkins College's Augusta Heritage Center in West Virginia.

Roddy has performed in several countries, as a solo singer-songwriter and in collaboration with other artists, including Gaye Adegbalola.  He is known for his mastery of diverse piano styles, including rocking blues, soulful gospel, poignant jazz, and energetic boogie-woogie.  Examples of artists who have recorded with Roddy include "Steady Rollin" Bob Margolin (who played for years with Muddy Waters), and Ann Rabson, Gaye Adegbalola, & Andra Faye (the members of Saffire - The Uppity Blues Women).  

To hire Roddy Barnes for performances or music composition, contact him through or (804) 647-2700.  To purchase recordings of his music, go to the "Shop" tab of this website; for a list of upcoming performances, check the "Calendar" tab.